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The Sales Solution No One is Teaching

After 19 years of working closely with some of the highest level entrepreneurs in their respective industries, it’s become abundantly clear that even the most successful among them lack a solid sales system for consistently generating revenue.

They had outstanding marketing and provided top-notch services, but when it came to guiding their prospects from application to potential on-boarding, they were left with nothing.

Unfortunately, very few people know how to leverage this gap authentically to attract ideal clients and wildly increase their sales.

Why..?’s simple.
No one is teaching it!

Most sales training programs only focus on the sales call itself, leaving entrepreneurs without a clear roadmap for guiding their clients from initial contact to on-boarding.

This lack of guidance can leave even the most talented entrepreneurs struggling to consistently convert leads into paying customers.

Until Now…
Introducing the

The only sales system that bridges the gap between marketing and sales.

A simple step-by-step system for converting better aligned clients with less effort and a hell of a lot more fun.












A 6-Week ‘Done-With-You’ Rapid Group Implementation Program

We will not only teach you the precise methodology, processes, and mindset that we have been using for years to increase sales successfully and sustainably, but we will also personally guide you in implementing them into your own sales process.

This program offers you the opportunity to bridge the gap between your marketing and sales… increasing your sales while attracting more premium clients.

Discover how to effectively qualify, establish expectations, and inform your prospects prior to your sales calls. By doing so, you position yourself for success and establish yourself as the preferred choice in your market.

We will guide you through each stage, from application to on-boarding, providing you with a streamlined and impactful sales process so you can convert better aligned clients with less effort.


From Application to On-boarding – a Simple Step-by-Step Sales System for Converting Better Aligned Clients with Less Effort and a Hell of a Lot More Fun.

The 6-Week ‘Done-With-You’ Rapid Group Implementation Program

A proprietary system created from our decades of experience in Branding, Marketing, and Sales to give you the real insights to take your sales to the next level.

Here’s What You Get
Pre-Training: Methodology / Analysis (You Sell Us)
Week 1: Mindset / Approach
Week 2: Application
Week 3: Set The Table
Week 4: The Call
Week 5: The Offer
Week 6: The Follow up
You’ll Also Be Getting
Free Sales System Audit

We will review your exact sales process top down and help you identify your biggest opportunities for growth.

Unprecedented Access & Personalized Feedback

Myself (Mike Budny) along with Michael Pellet will be very hands on working with everyone in the program doing active reviews and feedback.

Private Slack Channel

Our intimate group will all have access to a private slack channel for us to communicate, share progress and get feedback every step of the way.

Live Implementation Reviews

Gain powerful insights from others sales systems as we do LIVE reviews that will benefit everyone regardless of your industry.

Small and Intimate Group (10-12 MAX)

First come, first served, this first round is a private invite to our close network of friends, clients and colleagues.

Total Invesment
100% Money Back Guarantee

If you engage in the weekly training and aren’t 100% satisfied for any reason, we’ll gladly refund your full investment – no questions asked and at no risk to you.

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